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From UX to VR

For the designer of user experience, it can be considered as the best time. In the last decade, ground-breaking things are invented in order to make user experience with a website effective further. Rise of the virtual reality platform has been observed in the process as well. Therefore, some amount of challenges has been experienced by the designers. Creation of symbology and fresh grammar for the websites has been observed.
What is VR?
Through virtual reality, presentation of an audio-visual medium for communication has been made possible. Graphics are generated in computer with three-dimensional features. Impressive experience for the user can be ensured with the process. Due to influence of the design, the virtual world often seems real. Sensation can be experienced in the process. Similar kind of experience cannot be obtained from the daily life in any given occasion. Tele transportation to a complete different world can be made possible in the process. It is certainly a new medium for the user without any doubt.
Oculus Rift has been bought by Facebook in the last year. Campaigns from the world of VR have been increasing quite naturally from the time. Similar result can be observed from the platform of games and 3D movies. However, limited amount of people have been accessing the VR now-a-days. It is believed that the number will increase in the future. Technology of VR is still placed off-the-shelf.
Experienced set-up
Some amount of challenges is faced by the UX designers during creation of design through the medium. It is necessary to understand about the experience that can be created for the user. Stunts and installations are often presented to create brand awareness among the user.
In order to overcome the challenges, collaboration between the 3D architect and UX designer is necessary. Importance must be given on the option of spiral layout. Fitting experience for the user can be developed. Importance must be given on the posture of the user as well. Design must be created based on standing and sitting nature of user. 360 degree view can be offered with the design. Head movement of partial nature can be experienced in some instances as well. Diverse kinds of tools can be utilized on the occasion such as joysticks, sensorial gloves and trackpads.
Set up generally depends on the creative concept in addition to emotional outcome. Basically three kinds of VR experience can be offered in the process.
• Through user experience, lots of emotion can be generated among the user. Senses can be controlled and influenced in the process.
• Live action can be offered to the users in order to transport them to a completely different world. Transformation can be made from the real world to the virtual world immediately. Through gaze, life can be enjoyed in an innovative manner.
• Experience from the world of games can be offered in the process.
Design of the headset and its capability also influences user experience. Immersion is required for different and distinct experience. However, hyper-immersive experience cannot be ensured with the headsets single handedly.
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