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For review of gifted products use no follow and disclose links

From Google, it has been advised to the bloggers to follow best practices with the gifted and free product. Through good will, it is possible to avoid penalization from Google. In a straight language, Google has asked the bloggers to provide the link of the supplier that has been offering the product to them in order to write articles in favor.
If the supplier or manufacturer offers free product then the blogger can write articles. However, some guidelines must be followed by the blogger on the occasion. Following things must be done in any given occasion.
1. Nofollow Link: It is better to go with the nofollow link if the blogger decides link product’s page and review page in the process. Direction towards mobile app within the periphery of app store can be offered in due course.
2. The fact must be disclosed that you have received products and services from the supplier or manufacturer. Reader must acknowledge about sponsored link at any given occasion. Some legal requirements are also attached with the process.
3. Unique content must be presented in due course. It must be an exclusive article. In this way, value can be added to both product and its reviews. Expertise must be showcased with the article.
If the best practices regarding nofollow link is not maintained by the blogger then manual action can be taken by Google within a week. Therefore, it is better to aware of the practices before avoiding guidelines. Action can be taken in case a post is submitted in exchange of free goods exclusively.
Recommendation of nofollow link is offered. These links cannot be created organically. Therefore, customer can easily know the fact the blog has been engineered by the manufacturer or supplier. From the marketing firms, bloggers can be reminded about the nofollow links. In some occasion, these links are incorporated by the digital marketers as well. Relationship with the brand must be disclosed through the blog. Therefore, it can be easily categorized within sponsored links.
If the relationship between the bloggers and brand are found then severe action can be taken in the future. It is certainly a grey area. However, the blogger has a right to receive freebies from the brand. Money can be earned through affiliate marketing quite certainly. Payment for the hosting is often done through this money. Therefore, it can be considered as remuneration for their hard work on writing.

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