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Evolution of Twitter Logo

The social media platform of Twitter has been entertaining people for about 10 years. Lots of changes have been made within the platform of Twitter in order to make more interesting. In this article, focus has been given to the logo design of twitter especially.
Due to brainstorming on every day basis, Twitter has managed to gain such adoration and affection from the users. In an excess of 500 million users can be seen within this platform. It has described as one of the most visited sites. Presence of Twitter logo can be seen almost everywhere. The logo design with the bird has become a signature for the social media site. However, the recent logo of twitter has been developed much later.
In the beginning, similar kind of logo design has not been seen from Twitter. It has not been called as Twitter as well. By taking inspiration from the photo-sharing site called Flickr in addition to the short codes of SMS in the United States of America, the platform of Twitter is born. However, it has been known as twttr in the past. The very first tweet has been made by the co-founder called Jack Dorsey.
Difference can be seen from the first logo of the Twitter created by Noah Glass and present logo. If you compare both the logo then it seems completely unrecognizable. The color green has taken the center stage in the past instead beautiful and relaxed blue. The old logo is often described as the sneeze from the computer. Youthfulness has been considered behind the creation of the logo. An effort has been made to stay away from dull and boring logo. In spite of the reasoning, the old logo of Twitter can be considered disgusting. Change has been made to the both name and logo in the year 2006.
During official launch of Twitter on 15th July, 2006, a professional graphic designer called Linda Gavin has been hired for the creation of fresh logo. Final design from the Linda is preferred and used till 14th September, 2010.
Subsequently, Twitter has felt the need to alter the logo once again in 2010. Use of the animal has been observed in the past as well. However, it is the first time when the animal print of the logo design has been connected with the brand directly. Identification of the site has been made more prominently in due course. Particular name called “Larry Bird” has been given to the logo. The bird is little bit on the plum side along with an additional wing. The logo design has been used till 5th June, 2012.
Redesigned logo of Twitter has been released for the third time in 2012. According to the designer, the bird has been created by taking inspiration from a mountain bird. Through overlapping circles, wings are made. Twitter has given a lot of credit to this logo for their success. The logo can be recognized by the people instantly due to its popularity. There is no need spell the name of Twitter anymore. It has amalgamated with its logo design.
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