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Why do you need a customized WordPress Theme?

Success of a brand is often decided through effective projection. Based on the presentation of the brand, prospective customers in addition to client can be influenced effectively. There are some WordPress themes that can create hindrance on the level of customization. Unique and exclusive requirement of the brand can be fulfilled through tailor made theme from WordPress. Following benefits can be obtained with customized themes.
Creating an exclusive site
In order to maintain the interest of business, complete control over the website design must be retained with the assistance from theme. Payback from the customization is observed in the process. The website can be handled completely by the owner. Issue of controlling the website is increased if the website is created by another person especially. Through proper amount of collaboration between the client and designer, customization can be incorporated with complete ease. It is possible to simplify the website in the process.
Hurdles of designing a website can be passed through customized WordPress themes. Creativity can be showcased in better manner through the process. Limitation of the template is generally avoided to maintain the appearance of site perfectly.
For branding, limited amount of time is required
7’s Theme of WordPress is ideal option for the purpose of branding. Logo can be uploaded quite easily. Layout for the website can be selected. Colors and fonts can be added to the page according to your desire. Through adjustment of settings, adequate result can be obtained. Remaining things related to the website theme designing can be done automatically. Fine tuning can be ensured in the process. Extra requirements from the designer can be incorporated as well. Issues may not be observed at all.
Beautiful websites are created without any code
By using tools from the WordPress, reliance over the programming skills can be avoided. Design can be made in perfect fashion without using a single code. 7 theme from WordPress can be utilized perfectly in amalgamation of Visual Composer for perfect result. Simple drag and drop technology is used on the occasion. Edits can be made over the theme. Finished product can be obtained in the process.
Popularity of VC plug-in has skyrocketed in the last few years. Web designers are using this plug-ins profusely. Page builder have been recommending this plug-in quite often. In some occasion, it can be utilized instead of WordPress themes naturally. It is a kind of plug-in that can be used easily and quickly. Time can be saved for the client in the process. Higher amount of productivity can be ensured as well.
Unique design
Design must not be copied from another site in any given occasion. Through unique website, more number of customers can be attracted. Stiff competition can be observed between the web designers for the creation of exclusive website. Statement can be made in the public with the process. Tools are offered for the purpose of customization. Updates can be applied on the website in the process. Purpose of web designing can be fulfilled with increase in the number of traffic.

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Web Application is the Future

Most of the web application comes with the weight of 20 MB. Internet connection is required for the use of mobile and web application. Updates of data-heavy nature are often observed in due course. Similar kinds of facilities and features are often obtained from several kinds of applications. However, size of the mobile application is relatively smaller.
Some of the apps are pre-installed in the mobile for the benefit of the customer. It cannot be removed even if the customer wants so. Diverse ranges of things can be executed through these applications. However, lots of space is captured with the download of application. Storage space can be limited in the process. Native apps can be found within the mobile as well these native apps are generally utilized for trivial things such as alarm clocks, calculators and sound recorders. In order to handle the large files, necessity of internet connection can be felt.
For a developer, it is not easy to create an app and release in the market. From the marketplace, approval is required for the release of application. It is generally considered as an expensive process. Separate version of web application is needed in order to utilize it on several web browsers such as Firefox iOS, Android and Apple. Extra development time is generally required for the process.
The Problem
Through native application, it is possible to come across entertaining and useful feature. However, some amount of inconvenience can be experienced in the process.
In case the developer is only accustomed with the CSS, HTML and JavaScript then issues can be observed while developing an application. Entrance within the marketplace becomes difficult at the same time. Tight control can be observed in addition to licensing fees. Trouble in the level of support can be noticed due to presence of several versions and incompatibility within the device. Some of the applications can be installed within either in Android phones or iPhones.
Bandwidth causes a lot of problem for the user. In addition, issues can be seen due to frequent updates of file. It becomes problem some to open some of the application without updates. On several occasions, apps are installed to create space for another one. It is better to avoid application with similar kind of features every time.
In order to cure the problems of native application, solution can be searched through web application. To obtain proper function from the web application, you must be connected with internet. Utility of these applications often depend on the browser.
Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is enough to develop web application. Static application can be seen in some cases.
Marketplace for the web application can be found as well. There is no need to go in a single location for the download of these apps. Through URL, installation of application can be made possible. Several version of the application may not be required in the process. Installation and distribution process of web app is quite easy. Therefore, web application must be preferred in every given occasion.

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Tips for the development of web application

Most of the organizations do not like to change their business application after few years. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a web application that may last for years without any trouble. Growth of the web application must be ensured. The application must be adequate to adapt with the technical advances in the future.
Problem: Evolution of technology has been going on in a faster rate. Therefore, development of web application for the business has become quite tough. If the application is not built in a correct manner then the application cannot be used after few years. It is not possible to change the application after few years. Budget of the business must be maintained through an effective web application.
So, it is important to know the process of creating application adequately. Following tips can be utilized for the creation and development of web application.
Have a look through the database
Through proper software, it is quite simple to build a web application along with a database. However, problems can be seen if the database is created without much thought. In this situation, a held back attitude from the web application can be observed. Due to this reason, importance must be given on the database. Design of the database must be made to offer enough space for new data.
Importance of architecture
During creation of web application, significance of architecture must be understood. Influence of technology may not be observed on the occasion. It is necessary to have an application with an excellent architecture. In this way, web application can be adapted easily and utilized for extended amount of time.
Some important questions can be asked by the client while developing a web application through an app development company. It is necessary to know if the app can be moved in to the cloud. Thought must be given on the issue of cost effectiveness as well. Scaling must be guaranteed with the application at any given point. Software architecture beneath the web application must be given adequate amount of focus.
Therefore, it is important to find a developer that can handle the platform effectively. It is not possible to skip stages of app architecture. Possibility of failure can be limited by giving enough time on the architecture. Money can be saved if you rush through the process of architecture planning. However, you can lose money in the future.
Separating architecture
By looking further in the field of architecture, it is possible to create a web application that is an amalgamation of business logic, database and tiered architecture. Building of web application can be made costly in the process. However, need to throw an entire application is not felt in the future.
Develop an application that lasts
Due to a tie -up with a single platform, longevity of the web application can suffer. Risk can be seen if the web app is created for a particular mobile platform or desktop. Therefore, web is considered as the best choice as application can be run through different kinds of operating systems and browsers.
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Skills necessary for web app development

Rapid development of technology can be seen as both curse and blessing. Innovative opportunities can be presented to the business through advanced technology. Improvement in the business can be guaranteed in the process. Due to rise in the use of mobile phones, lots of benefits have been garnered by the business houses.
However, it is not easy to keep up with the trend of technology. Due to introduction of innovative technology, requirement of new skill is often felt as well. Web application development is becoming difficult with each passing day as it is mostly driven by the trends. Business opportunities can be expanded in the process. Skill set of expanding nature must be showcased in the process.
Lists of required skill for web application development
UI Design
For the web application development, user interface designing is become important factor. Interface designer is also known as the front-end designer or hybrid web designer. UI designer can easily create an interactive and easy-to-use page for the user. Both the appearance and feel of the page is created according to the requirement of user.
Importance of UI design
Expectation of the user from web application has increased over the years. Users look for an interface that is well designed. They may not like to learn to use of application through hard way. If the web application is not easy enough to learn then it may be discarded forever. To serve the purpose cloud based services and software can be utilized by the user as well.
Mobile Development
Shift towards tablets and smartphones have been observed in the recent time. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire mobile development skills. So, what kinds of skills are required for mobile development? Difference can be seen between native application and web application. More amount of skills are required to develop a native app. Job can become relatively easy with the hybrid and web based approach.
Integration through third party
For the application, assistance from the third party can be taken in due course. Business can be saved with the third party application. Instead of creating an application from a mere scratch, it is better to go with an application that is present in the market already.
Reporting can be required from an application. Therefore, an app with similar nature can be tried instead of a new app. However, skills are required to customize an existing application. Knowledge about app integration may be required in the process. Method must be found to ensure functionality from a web application
Cloud or Web Security
Skill to ensure security is certainly not new. However, operation of modern application must be learned adequately. The structure of modern security system has been changing dramatically. Previously, business operations are handled within the periphery of organization. However, things have changed completely now. Data has been uploaded and downloaded from the cloud constantly to enhance profitability. Therefore, proper measures must be taken in order to secure data adequately. Web application must be developed and installed in adequate to garner optimum benefit from the process.

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Importance of architecture for mobile application

Profitability of the business can be enhanced further with a mobile application. It is necessary to develop application that can be utilized with several platforms quite easily. Usefulness of mobile application can be explained through the point of view of architecture.
In the beginning, it is important to know about n-Tier architecture. From the term, it seems quite complicated. However, experts have tried to explain the term in simple manner. Sense can be brought in to business perspective in due course. By breaking the application in to separate layers, function of the n-tier architecture can be fulfilled. It is possible to come across basically three layers. They are known as database layer, application and presentation layer.
The n-tier architecture must be applied within the web application for mobile. Each application can be divided in to various presentation layers through the architecture of n-tier. Therefore, it is possible to come across an application with three kinds of presentation layers. In this way, web application can be made available for tablets and desktops in addition to mobile phones.
Function of architecture:
Creation of architecture is observed first. Diverse ranges of presentation layers must be created for different kinds of devices. In this way, a single application can be accessed through several devices. JavaScript can be incorporated within the application for desired result. User’s browser is checked in the process. Presentation layer can be delivered to a particular device in the process.
How assistance can be obtained from web application?
Due to presence of n-tier architecture, lots of time can be saved. There is no need to develop different applications for diverse ranges of devices. By making changes to the presentation layer, application can be delivered in lesser amount of time. Fresh application is not required in the process. The application can be utilized through several browsers. Therefore, a single presentation layer can be seen enough for every possible smartphone available in the market. Operating system may differ on the occasion.
Is it easy to create a fresh web application? Or, Is it better to develop web application with architecture?
However, assistance can be offered through some other means as well. Each tier is generally disconnected from each other. Placement of tier can be observed in diverse ranges of places. It can be edited by several developers at a time. Therefore, it has become possible to fix the presentation layer without a single change within the web application. Single change is required exclusively. It is certainly a safer approach for the creation of mobile or web application.
Faster, safer and proper maintenance of web application can be done in the process. Developer can easily finish the job. Knowledge about a specific platform may not be required in the process. Through simple use of n-tier architecture, every possible problem can be solved.

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How web applications are changing Part 2

In the previous article, some changes in the world of web applications have been explored. However, it is certainly not enough. Therefore, some other alterations have been explained with this article.
User experience must be given preference
Due to popularity of web application, things have changed in the market completely. Simple and intuitive applications are expected by the users. It has certainly created pressure on the developers. User experience has become a critically important factor. If the developer is unable to offer simple application then problems can be observed at the time of adoption. In the beginning, UI design is made by the developers in several occasions. Through testing, simplicity of app can be ensured perfectly.
Huge requirement of APIs
Previously, in-house software has been utilized by business organization in most occasions. SaaS option is targeted to deal with the requirement. For the purpose of CRM, a particular service may be utilized. However, collaboration can be accomplished by some other means as well. Reporting applications have been utilized in the similar method as well.
Through above things, it is possible to understand the task of a developer. Communication system must be integrated effectively through the app. Therefore, growth of web application has been observed especially from the field of APIs. It can be considered a trend for web application that may gain popularity in the future.
Integration of various other kinds of systems can be done as well. It is possible to notice a system at perfect place. However, API must be offered to serve the purpose adequately. Therefore, it is always better to go with an architecture that is API centric.
Loaded with interactivity
More use of web applications is seen now that offers similar feature of a native application. Development process must be improved further to ensure the shift effectively. Due to this reason, it is possible to come across development from the server side as well as client side. Influence of browser has become more important than traditional server.
In order to ensure interactivity with the web application, framework called Angular.js can be utilized. As a result of faster search engine Chrome that has been created with JavaScript, it has become possible to take advantage from effective framework. Processing of data can be managed through browser instead of backend server. User experience can be made more pleasant and interactive in the process.
Synchronized application
As a result of shift towards web based application that helps to complete function of native application, emergence of a trend has been observed. Through these web applications, constant connection with the server can be maintained. Pages can be updated immediately. Need to refresh a page may not be felt.
Huge possibility has been presented in front of the developers in the process. Problems can be faced by the developers to create real time application. Through these applications different kinds of things can be done without much hassle. Messages, chats and documents can be collaborated with each other for greater amount of benefit. It is believed that web application may be improved further in the future.
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How web applications are changing Part 1

In the world of business, web application is becoming more and more significant. Competitive advantage can be ensured to the company in due course. Therefore, it must be utilized within the model of company after understanding its evolution perfectly.
Standards of web application are changing with every passing day. Innovative tools are introduced in the market. It is important to care about these changes. Business houses are becoming more internet-friendly now-a-days. Therefore, development and sustainability of internet can play an important role in the process quite certainly. Through creation of custom software for the business, competitive edge has been ensured. So, let’s explore the world of web application further.
Diversity in hardware
Uses of tablets and smartphones have increased considerable in last few years. . As a result, utilization of responsive designing has been enhanced as well. It is necessary to create application that fits with different kinds of interfaces and screen sizes. Expansion of trend has been noticed. Smart devices such as glasses, watches and televisions have been introduced in the market. Therefore, change in the thought process is essential to keep up with the market trend.
Both the screen sizes and resolutions have been altered. It is necessary to develop an application for different browsers. Hierarchy must be determined by the developer at the time of creating application.
Devices are presented with different kinds of speeds. However, processing power in addition to memory of power desktop is still not achieved by mobile phone. Therefore, developers are facing problems to create codes. They have been trying to ensure excellent load time to satisfy the customer.
Some amount of difference has been made due to introduction of touchscreen as well. Therefore, action buttons must be placed at the right place. Visibility of these buttons must be increased. Focus towards the action button can be increased further through color and texture of action button.
Enhancement of security
Both the interface and usability of web application has improved. However, similar kind of proclamation cannot be made for security. In 96% apps, it is possible to come across some kind of vulnerability.
Does it change the app development process? Yes, more importance is given application security by the developers now. Developers are trying to learn about the standards of security and incorporate it within the application. It has become certainly a top priority.
Therefore, difficulties have been faced by the developer to create quality application for the user. Security of app has been preferred more than even the development speed. Intrusion within the platform of internet has been increasing every day. Proper measures must be taken. If the app is unable to protect the personal data of the user then it cannot be trusted at all. Due to this reason, more things are incorporated within the web application to protect the user.
Offering more importance to the tool
For the creation of complex web application, skills are required quite certainly. Therefore, developer must gather knowledge about security, architecture and database. Tools for web applications are emerging from several locations. Job of the developer can be made easy in the process.

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How typography can offer brand personality

Through typeface, distinction can be created between brands. Modern world is connected with each other intricately. Lots of information is utilized during creation of communication line. However, brand likes to offer more details along with the core message in every given occasion. Inspirations are drawn from different kinds of locations in due course. Presentation of the brand can be done through blogs, reviews and social media. Characteristics of the brand can be presented perfectly through these above channels.
By using typeface, communication can be made in much effective manner. It is a kind of tool that has been overlooked for a long time. In modern times, human connections are created between the brand and customer for more successful result. Signature innovation can be done in the process.
Unique typeface
Some of the companies are avoiding standard typeface for the presentation of the brand now-a-days. Through common typeface, it is not possible to present the brand perfectly. Reflection of the brand cannot be done in the process. Pre-loaded systems along with the design and fonts must be eliminated in any given occasion. Therefore, creation of exclusive typeface can be considered more effective. Human side of the brand can be reflected in this way. Stand out effect within the crowd can be created in the process.
For the shift, digital media can be utilized. Previously, brand message has been confined within limited numbers of channels. However, websites have been connected with the mobile device for better viewership. Due to responsive designing, website can be opened through the mobile devices quite easy. Therefore, typeface must be chosen accordingly. The typeface must be good enough for the desktops, laptops and mobile phones. It is essential to read the content through all the above websites.
Connection must be made through the images as well. Brand name can be easily carried forward through typography. It must be effective for various kinds of occasions. Functional level of the typography must be maintained in the process. Promotion of the brand can be done smoothly.
Human aspect
Effectiveness of the typography must be maintained throughout. Brand personality can be showcased perfectly as well. Multi-layer and intricate design can be considered essential characteristics of typography. Through monotype, it is possible to present a human typeface. Personality can be presented in best possible way. Emotional level of content is maintained perfectly with the typeface.
Ensure right tone
In order to develop fresh typeface, a close connection between typographer and brand must be maintained. Perfect tone must be offered with the typography for desired result. Distinction within the typeface can be observed. It is necessary to present the complete brand story within the copy. However, lively nature of the content must not be broken in any possible way. The message must be created straight from the heart to ensure great appeal. Importance has been given to emotional connection more profusely.
Little bit of twist
Standard regulation must be forgotten in order to create a vision that is more customer centric. Brand experience can be increased further with an original appeal.

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From UX to VR

For the designer of user experience, it can be considered as the best time. In the last decade, ground-breaking things are invented in order to make user experience with a website effective further. Rise of the virtual reality platform has been observed in the process as well. Therefore, some amount of challenges has been experienced by the designers. Creation of symbology and fresh grammar for the websites has been observed.
What is VR?
Through virtual reality, presentation of an audio-visual medium for communication has been made possible. Graphics are generated in computer with three-dimensional features. Impressive experience for the user can be ensured with the process. Due to influence of the design, the virtual world often seems real. Sensation can be experienced in the process. Similar kind of experience cannot be obtained from the daily life in any given occasion. Tele transportation to a complete different world can be made possible in the process. It is certainly a new medium for the user without any doubt.
Oculus Rift has been bought by Facebook in the last year. Campaigns from the world of VR have been increasing quite naturally from the time. Similar result can be observed from the platform of games and 3D movies. However, limited amount of people have been accessing the VR now-a-days. It is believed that the number will increase in the future. Technology of VR is still placed off-the-shelf.
Experienced set-up
Some amount of challenges is faced by the UX designers during creation of design through the medium. It is necessary to understand about the experience that can be created for the user. Stunts and installations are often presented to create brand awareness among the user.
In order to overcome the challenges, collaboration between the 3D architect and UX designer is necessary. Importance must be given on the option of spiral layout. Fitting experience for the user can be developed. Importance must be given on the posture of the user as well. Design must be created based on standing and sitting nature of user. 360 degree view can be offered with the design. Head movement of partial nature can be experienced in some instances as well. Diverse kinds of tools can be utilized on the occasion such as joysticks, sensorial gloves and trackpads.
Set up generally depends on the creative concept in addition to emotional outcome. Basically three kinds of VR experience can be offered in the process.
• Through user experience, lots of emotion can be generated among the user. Senses can be controlled and influenced in the process.
• Live action can be offered to the users in order to transport them to a completely different world. Transformation can be made from the real world to the virtual world immediately. Through gaze, life can be enjoyed in an innovative manner.
• Experience from the world of games can be offered in the process.
Design of the headset and its capability also influences user experience. Immersion is required for different and distinct experience. However, hyper-immersive experience cannot be ensured with the headsets single handedly.
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Tips for lessening the pain of making Prototype

In the past, division between a web designer and web developer has been made through the ability to incorporate feature of user experience within the design. However, lines between the web developers and web designers have blurred over the course. Pace of making web design is maintained by the designer through knowledge about user experience. Development cycle can be made agile in the process,
Principles of UX Design
Experts have advised to use data in order to develop the process of designing. During creation of prototype, it is necessary to give importance on the user action. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be utilized in the process. In order to develop a product, solution hypothesis must be created for several issues.
Check out of the customer from the website can be observed due to lack of promo code. The field may not be even presented within the design. In some occasion, elimination of some field can be noticed to increase conversion rate. However, it is certainly a wrong idea related to conversation and traffic of website. Decrease in the amount of sales can be experienced in the process. Direction for a project can be decided through A/B tests, qualitative testing of repeated nature and funnel analysis.
Limitation can be observed due to alteration of design team suddenly. In some occasion, feedback from the customer is not given adequate notice. It is very important to know about the product that you have been building over time.
Discontinue the use of wireframes
Rapid prototyping is ensured in the past through the presence of wireframes within static website. Designs are generally sketched by the experts in the beginning. Later on, design can be adjusted based on the feedback from the customer. In the last few years, web developers have been doing more than just creating simple page. It has become possible to create application that can be run through various kinds of browsers.
Disadvantages of wireframes:
• Functionality must be shown by the designer. Use of product can be defined differently due to use of wireframes.
• Time of creating design is often increased due to utilization of hand drawn wireframes.

Kinds of Prototypes
Low Fidelity
Concepts can be showcased from the beginning through prototype with low fidelity in addition to screen layouts, design options and other components of higher level. Functionality is given utmost importance in the process. Distraction can be eliminated completely. Due to creation of design in paper, it can be created quite swiftly.
High Fidelity
Both effort and time is required for creation and development of high-fidelity prototype. Different departments can be placed within same website in the process. Sufficient amount of research can be done. Similar results may not be obtained through low-fidelity prototype.
Improving workflow of prototype
Requirement must be met even after creation of the website completely. Information can be collected through user interview and focus group. Google analytics must be utilized in order to know about the complete picture. Behavior of the user can be understood in the process as well.
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