Best SEO Practices for Google Video

By Google, some recommendation is given for the purpose of video optimization. Through video optimization, signals can be sent to the search engine for better communication. Due to better understanding about the video, Google may able to make it appear in the Discover and Search in better manner.

SEO Signals from Video that is given more importance by Google

Crawling over a page, Google generally identifies whether it has a video or not. Now, it searches for the signals that may able to tell what the video is all about. Due to presence of these signals, a video may able to appear in several relevant searches.

Following signals are taken into consideration by Google for understanding the video

On-page text: Page title, captions and headings closed to the video is utilized

Referral Links: Links from other sites are sent towards the video

Structured data: Meta data of video is communicated with the Google through use of markup.

Video Files: From the visual and audio content of the video, Google can try to understand about it.

SEO for the video is all about using proper page element. As a result, everything can be communicated perfectly to Google.

Best Practices

Following best practices for Video SEO are recommended by Google. Chances of finding the video within Google become easy as a result. It can be understood by the Google crawler in better manner also.

1. Video should be accessible publicly

One of the best ways for the video to be discovered is to make it publicly accessible. Therefore, the video needs to have a webpage with URL that can be accessed by Google. It is important for the video to be viewed within the webpage clearly. On the occasion, complex action may not be required from the side of the user to load the video.

2. Use of Structured Data:

In order to ensure that the video is understood by Google clearly, structured data can be added through use of Video Object markup from

Information such as thumbnail, video title, duration, description, URLs for video file can be included within the markup.

Structure data can be utilized to add special features also such as ‘live’ for live streams.

3. High Quality Thumbnails

Inside the URLs, high quality thumbnails must be offered with each and every video. If there is not a thumbnail then the video may not appear at all through the video feature. In case a thumbnail is blocked with the robots.txt then Google may not able access the video at all.

4. Video Sitemap

Google can find a video within a webpage by using the sitemap also. On the occasion, meta data tags can be offered to make Google understand the page in better manner.

5. Video files should be accessible easily

It is important to make sure that video can be accessed by Google. In the way, it can be made available for the search feature such as video previews. Due to presence of video preview, Google can capture few second from video to use it as a clip. It is surely more engaging than use of static thumbnail. Using the robots meta tag with max video preview, the site owner can decide the duration of preview also.

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