Benefits of Partial Content Migration for SEO

Development of the website mostly happens organically. It grows in size gradually as well. Initially, landing page of website from a specific genre is enhanced with few pages of information such as contact, mission statement, about us and job opening. More supplementary page to the landing page is germinated over time. If you look at the larger part of the website then you may find community forum, archive, merchandise channels, technical support and corporate blogs also. By the hosted subdomain staging server, everything is generally duplicated. As a result, several issues related to SEO can be noticed also.

Due to above reasons, it becomes hard for the website to perform well as far as Google search engine result is concerned. Content signals may be diluted. Loss in the ranking can be observed over time. In order to solve these issues, partial migration method can be utilized.

What can be moved?

Content signal is important for SEO as rankings is related to ratios completely. In case a website is mainly a user forum that is not properly monitored and filled with spam then it may not be easy for the website to ensure a high rank.

However, hosted subdomain forum may not be spam hub always. However, changes are seen as priorities are shifted to other things. As a result, promising alternative is lost. Similar scenario can be observed with any website which is growing rapidly. On the occasion, spam content, lean content, low quality pages face most of the issues.

In order to ensure an excellent ranking, consistency of the signal is the key. If certain content are not required anymore then it must be deleted or custom 404 responses can be offered also. Sometime, organizational culture plays an essential role. Lean, off-topic and outdated content can cause an issue on the path of good SEO ranking.
It is the time when partial migration becomes essential and best option.

Time to migrate Legacy content

Securing TLDs from alternative brands and selective migration of the content must be chosen based on the investigation and audit only. Impact of the supplementary content can be known after a detailed investigation of the website properly. Following things must be done on the occasion.

Bing Webmaster Tool and Google Search Console data can be reviewed.
Server log data can be analyzed for a certain time period.
The website should be crawled by top notch crawlers

Following to the analysis of the website, substantial part of the website can be found that may not have any impact. These types of content can be migrated to nTLD.

Migration of the content may become inconsequential. It is a method that comes with lot of risks also. Post the final process, relevant content generally attains better ranking even if there less amount of content on the website.

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