5 ways to achieve Good SEO

If you are caught up with the world of bad SEO and likes to come out of it then good practices of SEO should be tried to ensure the best possible result. By mastering these SEO tips and tricks, you can present your content in best possible way to the audience as well as Google.

1. Perform Keyword Research

Keyword is the best possible to way to draw attention to your content. However, it should not used too many or too less. By using the wrong keyword, you may encounter some issues also. It is important to use the right keyword.

• It is better to use synonyms, grouped content, answers instead of individual terms

• Long tail keywords can be used that may not be utilized by your competitors yet

2. Locally Optimized Content

In case of a brick and mortar store, it is better to go for local optimization. For this reason, geography based keywords can be utilized. In the way, the website can be identified easily in the locality. By writing about local event or news, good results can be achieved also.

3. Featured snippets

Little boxes attached with the search result are called featured snippets and it is very helpful. Content can be boosted easily for the wider range of audience. It is better to add following things on the occasion.

• Each step can be highlighted with heading

• Straight answers should be offered that has been placed on the page

• Content from the prohibited category should be avoided.

4. Topic Clusters

Now-a-days, SEO is giving more importance on the topic expertise instead of specific keywords. So, it is important to give signal to Google that you are an expert on the particular subject. Plenty of content within the website should be present to prove your expertise.

For achieving your goal, top clusters can be used. It is seen especially with the pillar content. On the occasion, use of long and authoritative pieces can be seen as a link to the specific article. Due to this structure of the site, Google may crawl over the site and obtain a sense of expertise.

5. Updating old content

Over time, content can become outdated and irrelevant. It may not be factually true anymore. Therefore, it may be considered as stale by Google.

If organic traffic of the website has died down then it means that you content has become stale. It indicates the fact that the content is not relevant to the readers anymore. Keyword search intent may have changed over time also. Therefore, it is always better to review content of your website once a year at least.

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