5 SEO mistakes to avoid with your content

In the beginning, you should know whether you are good SEO professional or bad ones. Most of the professionals like to belong from the former category. In case you have been cramming keywords into your article purposefully or filling the page with manipulative links then you can be considered as bad ones.

Even if you are trying to avoid the mistakes, there are lots of chances of going into wrong direction. In the naked eye, it may not even look like a mistake.

One of the prime reasons behind it is Google. They continuously update their algorithm. Due to tweaking, meaning of good SEO and bad SEO also alters. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the update.

Following bad SEO mistakes should be avoided with the content

For SEO purpose, Google judges the content on the basis of quality. On the occasion, you must establish your expertise over the content. It is essential to make your content enjoyable for the readers also.

Ever year 1.2 trillion searches are done through Google. Looking through the content, decision is taken regarding the rank. Therefore, following bad SEO practices may not be tolerated at all.

1. Poor Citation

Citing your source is great. However, you have to careful about citing also. Link of other pages is considered by Google as a confidence vote over the content. By providing link as reference, you are delivering the message to believe in the content.

However, link to a questionable site is noted by Google at the same time. If a site has been reprimanded for misinformation, unclear credential or having an Alexa ranks over 100k then it is definitely not good to be used for citation.

2. Really Long Article

Comprehensive and complete content is good. However, it does not mean that you can write a long article. It is better not to write more words that it requires.

Detrimental effect can be seen over really long content similar to a thin content. It is definitely not great for user experience. It is better to write effective content instead of endless content.

3. Lack of Heading

For content, headings should be used always especially if it is a list. Readers can be guided with H2 and H3 headings. It is better to use them in every 300 words. Readers may not feel lost while reading the content

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