3 ways to draw better links and higher rankings

Everyone likes to acquire high quality links that may help to increase the organic ranking. Referral traffic can be driven in better manner for the growth of business. However, it may not be an easy task at all. Lot of time has to be invested also. Therefore, it may seem like a bad choice. But, on the contrary it is an advantage.

If the method has been easy then it may have been replicated by your competitor pretty easily. It is always better to stay in a higher position that your competitor in the market. Therefore, competitive advantage must be taken always. Difficult tasks should be taken in hand. As you know that the competitor cannot achieve it. However, easy to obtain advantages should not be ignored at the same time.

On the occasion, quick advantage can be taken with link building strategy.

Here’s how you can start

1. Building brand

Brand is important for every entrepreneur. It is a thing that is true for a person as well as the company. On the occasion, brand may not signify only mere a catchy tagline and beautiful logo. Brand may include everything in its territory. From color palate, marketing material, logo to core principles, company culture and customer service.

Some people may be turned off by looking at your approach. However, same features may be liked by another set of people. So, a brand must be created while thinking about the passionate people. It is a think that scares most of the entrepreneur as people may turn their heads from the brand.

In spite of having a cult following, some of the brands may still like to offer their website links free. It creates a positive impact on the organic traffic as well as ranking.

If the people are passionate about the brand then more advantages can be ensured. People often search a product with its brand name. As a result, a positive signal may be sent to the Google. A bond of trust can be built as well. Improvement in the rank can be seen in the long run.

2. Develop Free Tools

Look for a productive and effective way to promote a brand is always on. It is always better to achieve the feat at free of cost.

Free tools can be a good option when it comes to earning of links. Reinvention of wheel may not be necessary at the time. It is better not to create something that already exists in abundance in the market. However, the market should be big enough to justify the creation of the brand or product. Same time, it should be difficult enough. So, the competitor may not like to go on the same path.

3. Be Trustworthy

By simply existing in the market with your product may not be good enough. It is important to feature in media. Search traffic may increase as a result. In order to be featured in the media, you need to have a newsworthy story in the hand. The story should be appealing to the audience also.

Search is definitely a competitive space. Therefore, worthy efforts are necessary to attract users to the site through SERP.

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